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Schnorr signatures can help increase bitcoin privacy and efficiency.”

“The Schnorr signature is a type of digital signature.”

“How can we use Schnorr signatures with Bitcoin?”

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  1. Bitcoin currently uses the ECDSA algorithm to generate cryptographic signatures for a given message and secp256k1 keypair. Schnorr is an alternative algorithm with several advantages. One key advantage is that when multiple keys are used to sign the same message with Schnorr, the resulting signatures can be combined into a single signature. This can be used to significantly reduce the size of multisig payments and other multisig related transactions, for example lightning channel transactions. The main reason that Bitcoin did not originally use Schnorr signatures is that Schnorr was not standardized, and was not available in common crypto libraries. Source
  2. Schnorr signatures are a proposed future extension that give a new way to generate signatures r, s on a hash h. Source
  3. In cryptography, a Schnorr signature is a digital signature produced by the Schnorr signature algorithm that was described by Claus Schnorr. It is a digital signature scheme known for its simplicity, among the first whose security is based on the intractability of certain discrete logarithm problems. It is efficient and generates short signatures. It was covered by U.S. Patent 4,995,082 which expired in February 2008. Source

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